Saturday, March 25, 2006


hi friends, hope your Saturday was a good one. Earlier today I was out on my balcony feeding the ducks and I heard a car accident happen.I heard the crash and then brakes going out of control and then I saw smoke, I was like "Oh my god call 911" I was all ready to but I heard sirens coming so I did'nt bother.There is a retirement and Assisted Living Place right next door to my apartment and a police car had slammed into the iron gate on the side that faces the highway and slammed directly into the entrance of the retirement home.I saw the paramedics taking the policeman away in an ambulance earlier so I hope he is ok.There were so many fire engines and police cars in front of here earlier and there are news-crews out there now giving interviews.I am getting a headache now but I'll update again tommorow, have a good Sunday everyone and take care, Hugs Lisa

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