Sunday, February 25, 2007

CSI Spoiler Alert For 4 -5 - 07

Hi friends, I ca'nt contain my excitement any longer, I just read some CSI spoilers for the upcoming CSI episode Empty Eyes that is scheduled to air on 4 -5 - 07 and there will be a hug on there between Grissom and Sara, my two favorites on the show - I read that Sara gets emotionally attached to one of the victims in that episode, from what I read about the episode Sara comes to a crime scene and there is blood streaked up a flight of stairs, she sees Warrick upstairs processing the scene, she kneels down on the floor and peers under a bed and she hears a sound and there  is an injured prostitute under a bed that reaches out and scratches her face, Sara gets spooked and draws her gun thinking the killer is under the bed but it's actually one of the victims  and when Sara sees how badly the girl is injured , She calls the paramedics to the scene but the girl dies in Sara's arms.At the end Sara is in the break room watching the killer being interviewed on tv , he's asked what he feels about killing the girls, he has no remorse, the TV suddenly shuts off and we see Sara's face in the reflection of the black screen.Camera angles on Grissom.He's behind her with the remote control,he puts it down ans she turns , falls into his arms, he embraces her as she cries and that's at the lab, interesting, I read that Empty Eyes is supposed to be a sad episode.I know if Jorja Fox is crying in that episode because she is my favorite actress I will be in tears as well.I hope I did'nt ruin anything for you guys that are CSI fans like me, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


queeniemart said...

i just watched the last 3 of my 7 or 8 CSI's  i had to watch. I saw the one where the bank robber turns himself in, the one where Sara shaved Grissom and thte one with the miniature living room was found and the woman and cop both died. So i am finally caught up.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

you got me wanting to go back and watch the old series and catch up..think I will rent some of the beginning series that are you have the greatest week ever!!! Hugs,TerryAnn

magogos said...

I'm smiling, and glad that you are so excited. April is not that far away,either! Margo