Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Wednesday, it appears I have lost a couple of my journal readers It makes me a little sad  and it hurts but what can you do ?I am proud of my journal and I do'nt hold back my feelings or apologize for anything I write. Anyhow moving on, I worked today and it was a really boring day.My sweet Anthony was off today so I missed having him around.I still ca'nt get over him making that face yesterday when Cyndie was near him, it was a hilarious moment,, of course with her there I could'nt bust up laughing because she would have known something was up but I gave Anthony a little smile and nod that Cyndie did'nt see , thank God, lol.When I was at the register today this old man flipped out because he was buying this jar of french mustard that claimed was on sale, I said I would check the sign and see if it was two for four dollars like he claimed.He had a cow and said "Forget it" and stomped out of the store, what a baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Remind me why I am glad I am off tommorow , lol.CSI is a repeat tommorow and for the next 3 weeks I think but I will probably be watching anyway, It is such a good show I do'nt even mind rewatching the repeats.I hope you all have a good Thursday , when I was at the register one of the guys who delivers our furniture slipped me his phone number, it was cute but we'll see.I do'nt really know him all that well, Have any of you guys ever seen that show To Catch A Predator on Dateline NBC ? It's on Tuesday nights at 8 :00 P.M.on NBC, I really like it , it is a good show, my favorite part is seeing the creeps who are preying on innocent kids getting chased and arrested by the police and sentenced to jail, the thing on the show that is amusing is that there is a house that is a set-up and there is a young decoy at the house waiting for the predators to arrive there, there are hidden cameras all over the house and a police squad hiding out in the garage so when the creeps come in the door they will chat and talk to the young decoys for a minute and then the host of Dateline NBC Chris Hanson comes out from behind the door and surprises the creeps saying like "Hi there " He also starts reading back some of the IM chats the predators have had with the minors online. It's priceless to see the looks on the creep's faces , so if the creeps get spooked and try to exit out the garage the police come out of hiding and chase them and they are arrested there on the scene.I love seeing those creeps being taken down and arrested .I only wish my friend 's grandpa the creep who molested me as a young girl would have had the same exact thing happen to him.It would have been really nice.Oh well he is dead now so he ca'nt hurt anyone anymore.The rain finally stopped here and there is a icy chill in the air outside but then again there ia a ton of snow on the mountains off in the distance .I want Spring to hurry up and come soooooooo bad !!!!!!!!!!! I am sick of winter , hope you all have a good Thursday, for those of you that are Grey's fans tommorow night is your chance to check out CSI if you are curious.I read that Grey's is a repeat tommorow night, just a thought, lol.I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


kamdghwmw said...

I think you should call the guy! Heck if nothing else you will make a new friend and that is always a plus! I do hope that you enjoy your day off.

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
Surpised that you didn't mention the guy tonight.
That is cool.
Was he cute?
I know the show you speak about.
I am sorry you had such an experience happen to you, that must have been awful for you.
I need to figure out this F-ing document I told you about in regard to the accident.
Have a good night.

therealslimemmy said...

a number huh? :)
what would anthony say if he saw that LOL
<3, em

chat2missie said...

Why in the world would anyone leave your journal??  Oh well.  I'm still here and have no plans on leaving.  Have a good one.

lindapaterson177 said...

We have the new series of Grey`s Anatomy starting on Sunday! will have to make sure I stay awake lol.
bella xx

queeniemart said...

i cracked up about that mustard! Hey, is the guy cute who left you the phone #? Too bad Anthony didnt see him hand it to you! I like that Predator show you,lisa
PS- i never got an alert for this entry.

magogos said...

I can certainly understand why you like To Catch a Predator. I am sorry that you were molested, and know he has met his maker with that stain on his soul.As for the phone number-call it! Nothing ventured, nothing gazined, and a phone conversation is pretty safe. Then you can decide about him. You go, Girl! Margo