Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.Mine was good , I went to Barnes and Noble to read the new magazines and I was looking through the new OK magazine with Tori Spelling on the cover and who is there an article of in there but Jorja ? How totally sweet was that ? I did'nt even know she was in there but if I would have known I would have bought it for sure.I still have that beautiful song from Thursday's CSI stuck in my head, I saw the cd of In Search of Angels for sale on, hmmmmmm seems worth getting, lol.I am off tommorow so I can get some errands done, mail a package to a very deserving friend who has been very patient waiting for it, work was good today, I got 15 people to sign up for our emails, not -bad , hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All Lisa XO


siennastarr said...

Hi Lisa.. I haven't forgotten you.. I've just been busy with the VIVI's, but as soon as this is over, I will be back to reading my journals like normal!  Don't give up, darlin! I heard you were thinking of giving up your journal.. don't do that!  Things are just hectic right now.. :)  I don't even have time to leave an entry in my own journal.. well.. not a REAL entry! :)


mmartinez07 said...

Hi Lisa, I'm glad you had a good day today! Why can't all days be like that, or at least the majority of them, LOL. I've been meaning to tell you that I'm sorry you've been so bummed about Tower Records closing down. I used to buy so much stuff there when I lived in NY. I'm glad you're off tomorrow. Hopefully you can do something relaxing and fun. Keep up the good work with the email sign ups at work. {{{BIG HUGS}}} Oh, I almost forgot... Happy Sweetest Day, Sweet Lisa!

Mandy ~

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow...I have been sick as well as my daughter...grand baby is sick too..think the little buger got us all sick..LOL...hugs to you!  TerryAnn

queeniemart said...

i am going to watch CSI today. I have so much TV to watch i will never get caught up.
Glad your Sat was good and enjoy your Sunday too.
LOVE, lisa

cottoncandi12306 said...

Boy you are a serious CSI fan aren't you...  I like the show, but not nearly as much as you do....  which one is Jorja??  MaryAlice

chat2missie said...

So sorry I missed your im's to me over the weekend.  It's been one of those times!  Have a good week.

therealslimemmy said...

still trying to get caught up over here lisa.
sorry i've been missing its been so hectic over here
hope alls well