Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Rain on the way

Hi friends, hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday.I worked yesterday and as promised I did'nt buy a green tea at Cajun Grill, nor do I ever plan on it again. Work was busy but way too many returns.I was like WTH? That incident Saturday just pissed me off to no avail !!!!!!! The sky is clouding up outside and the clouds are dark and filling up.I am surprised the rain is coming already, usually October is good weather.Oh well I was thinking of what to do today, maybe work out for an hour, catch up on some reading, do up some dishes.Sometimes I need help getting motivated as I tend to be a procrastinator, hope you all enjoy the day and do something fun for me, lol.Hugs and Love Lisa P.S. Lisa Jo your man Josh is on the cover of TV Guide this week, did you get one yet ?


siennastarr said...

I am a proscratinator too, Lisa!  You probably have more fun that I do! lol  

Wish we had some rain!  I am so sick of the heat!


imgr8phil said...

Yes, there is no doubt that Lisa is a procrastinator.  But I'm sure you won't procrastinate about watching CSI on Thursday.  LOL


queeniemart said...

LOL Yes, i have TV Guide delivered each week so i read that issue last week. I wanted to tape the cover to my headboard but Rick thought that was a bit much.
Love you