Saturday, October 7, 2006

Another Crappy Day

Hi friends, OMG today was really not fun for me.I woke up and I had the worst cramps ever, but somehow I made it to work.Cyndie was there first thing in the morning and wow she was wearing this very unflattering black shirt and her stomach was poking out of the bottom of the shirt, it looked like a shirt a teenage girl would wear, Then Cyndie decided to sit out in the Food Court and stare at me, I was not happy to say the least.Ok today was like coupon day from hell, some people are really greedy with the ad coupons from this week and want to use like 10 at a time and I was like "Uh you are only allowed to use one of a time" Then before I was supposed to go home there was this whiny blond bitch who was buying like 10 straw handbags and kept bugging me if we had one more, She had her whole cart stuffed and then goes "Oh can I leave this here?" and she left in right in the damn gangway in front of my register, never mind the fact other people have to pay at my register, I left my register and moved her fucking cart out of the way, god she was thoughtless.She had Robert calling the Redwood City store for her about finding one more of her damned handbags and then he came out and told her they did'nt have anymore.It was just about time for me to go home then so I asked Moises to take over my register and I left.When I was in the office with Robert Aaron came in and said the blond bitch was in the front making a scene.I told Robert and Aaron she needed to get over herself because as soon as Robert started to help another customer looking up something on the computer this bitch was flipping out in the back of the store probably about the handbags again.He told her the Redwood City store did'nt have anymore.Geeze I guess it went in one ear and out the other.As I was leaving to go home I saw one of my favorite stores Tower Records is going out of business.I love Tower and I loved buying cd's there and I am devastated that they are going out of business :( I almost cried when I saw that.So then I walked to the bus stop and who do I see there pacing around but the creepy drunk guy.Fucking great I thought and sat a good distance away from the jerk.So that was my wonderful day, how was yours ? I am working tommorow as well so there goes my weekend, Hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa


siennastarr said...

I am so sorry you had such a miserable day, Lisa.  When you work for the public, you sure can get some weird customers!

I hope tomorrow is much better for you!


mastersblynn said...

Another fun day in the world of being a cashier...been there...sorry! Barbara

queeniemart said...

Damn, what an awful day. I hope today is better. Must have been a full moon or something on Saturday.
I love you

imgr8phil said...

OK Miss Lisa . . .sounds like you had a whiney day from start to finish. LOL  You weren't feeling good at the beginning of the day and it all went down hill from there.  I hope your Sunday will be a lot better and that you will have some good stories to report.  Take care.  Luv ya!


lindapaterson177 said...

a bad day lisa???

bella xx

chat2missie said...

Sorry you had another bad day.