Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, I went to the journal chat earlier and had some fun chatting in there to my two sweet Lisa friends and making a couple of new ones as well.I am so tired today and have a weird headache right now.I was watching some episodes of ER when Jorja Fox was on there.I just think she is the best actress ever, there is something about her that when I am really sad or depressed when I see her it makes me feel better.I wish so bad I could meet her someday and give her a hug and tell her how awesome she is and how much I admire her. I wish so bad I could have my picture taken with her in Las Vegas sometime, I am going back there in April so hopefully CSI will be filming this time, I hope when Anthony's girl was proprosed to this weekend she said "Yes" to him .She had better have said "Yes" to him.I hope he invites me to his wedding , although I know seeing him in a tuxedo all dolled up and so happy would make me cry, I'm so emotional and weddings make me cry.Hope you all have a good week, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO, By the way have you all voted for the Vivi's yet? I still need to, :)


imgr8phil said...

I still think you ought to write Jorja a letter telling her how you feel.  Maybe she will send you an autographed picture of herself.


lindapaterson177 said...

hope your headache is better.
bella x

cottoncandi12306 said...

I love CSI....  MaryAlice