Sunday, November 5, 2006

Flirting at the duck pond

Hi friends, I just wanted to share something funny that happened this morning.I went down to feed the ducks loaf of bread in hand, I had on old clothes, I had'nt washed my hair yet so I had it in a messy bun, I had my glasses on and some make-up .I thought I looked like the biggest nerd, but then this man was watching me feed the ducks and then starting flirting with me and asking for my phone number.  This man seemed nice enough , but he was old enough to be my father.He had some bread for the ducks as well and he had me pour it on the shore for them and I slipped on my ass and fell in the mud.Boy did I feel like an idiot!!!!!! Maybe girls covered in mud turn some guys on.I was like really come on.I told him I was very happily involved with someone and gave him a big smile and walked on.I thought the whole thing was hilarious.Oh by the way when I did shower later the nozzle to turn the water on in the shower broke off in my hand , how wonderful, lol.Just another thing to have fixed now.Hope you all had a good Sunday Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


imgr8phil said...

I'm sure you are very sexy even with mud on ya!


imgr8phil said...

What do you think about a forty something year old man?  

queeniemart said...

Poor Lisa! See, men see how damn gorgeous you are and they cant help themselves, even when you are covered in mud. LOVE YOU,lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

See....even with mud all over just goes to show you how beautiful you are!

chat2missie said...

My husband tells my daughtaer all the time that girls who look just themselves, not over made up with makeup etc, very natural looking, not out trying to impress anyone, are always the most attractive.  Have a good day.

siennastarr said...

That's creepy, to me!  Especially when they are old enough to be your father!  Blech!  Dirty old men!  Stay away from them Lisa!  They are weirdos!  You did the right thing!


cottoncandi12306 said...

sounds like you had a wonderful day...LOL   I can see you sitting in the mud there...LOL