Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, I just got caught up with the journals, I am pretty sure I am getting my alerts now hopefully, with Aol it's one thing after the other seriously.I am so sorry to hear that so many of my J-land friends are having a hard time right now, I just want to gather you all in my arms and hug you all and tell you that 'Everything will be ok" I am praying for all of you that need prayers and if there is anything I can ever do for you guys let me know ok, Work was busy today, I was running around like a crazy lady and Anthony looked so handsome today in the grey sweater he had on, Robert came in the back and said that Anthony, Cheryl, Robin and himself decided that I deserved a $ 50 dollar World Market gifcard for doing such a good job getting the emails, that was so freaking nice, I swear I almost cried.I am wondering why the CSI tonight is a repeat and maybe it's just me personally , but I do'nt really like that episode much Toe Tags  that is on tonight, at least next week's CSI is a new one-yea !!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to welcome a new friend to my journal-Emmi !!!!!!!! Welcome Emmi :) I love meeting new friends, hope you all have a good Friday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


imgr8phil said...

You deserved that gift card.  Let us all know what you get with it.  Sorry CSI isn't new for you tonight, I know how much you love that show.  Take care and have a fabulous Friday!


emmi2sweet said...

Of course you deserve a gift card ... why wouldn't you? Thanks for the welcome! I was gonna watch the CSI repeat last night but DH reminded me how much I didn't like it the first time around so we didn't watch it. Emmi

queeniemart said...

i read online that the experts think CSI "jumped the shark" with that episode....because they felt it was stupid to have corpses talking.
In this weeks IN TOUCH is a small pic of Jorja eating at a vegan celebrity Thanksgiving dinner..did you see it? It was in my breakroom last night so i saw it. I think its a new copy.
love you, congrats on the gift card.
XO lisa

chat2missie said...

I missed CSI last night!!  Can you believe that?  I could kick myself in the behind.