Friday, November 10, 2006

What is the deal with Aol ????????????

Hi friends, I had a good day at work today.Anthony was opening yet again today so I got to enjoy him there .The store was really busy today  and today was a holiday too, Veteran's Day,  God Bless all the brave men who serve our country, and  Friends and Family Day in my store,as well  and I had to keep calling a service 30 which means another cashier to help me ring in the back.I checked my schedule for next week at work and I was phyched to see that my schedule is the same next week as it was this week and Cheryl aka the ice queen will be working overnight all next week too so I wo'nt have to deal with her !!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say Woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention Anthony is opening all next week again so I will see his beautiful eyes the first thing all next morning-hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!! I came home from work tonight to check my mail and read the new journal entries and I could'nt even access any of the journals or leave comments, seriously Aol what the hell ? Also once again I am not getting my alerts !!!!!!!! I was really pissed but I did have a really nice conversation online with my awesome friend Leene.OMG you guys the countdown for the release of the 6'th Season of C.S.I. is only 3 more days !!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited to go buy it at Costco, speaking of C.S.I. wow was last night's episode on CBS great or what ????????? Rain is coming back tommorow but I am off for the weekend :) Hope you all have a great weekend , do something fun and enjoy yourselves, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


seraphoflove9001 said...

I'm glad that you had a good day today! :o)

lindapaterson177 said...

Have a great weekend Lisa...take care.
bella xx

queeniemart said...

i have made a couple entries...i FINALLY am able to get into my journaland yours and comment. I am so sick and tired of AOL.
I am glad your schedule stays the makes me happy when you are happy.
LOVE, lisa

chat2missie said...

It's looking like a serial killer is on the lose on CSI!!