Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Guess Who Sent Me An Autographed Picture ?

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Tuesday.I had today off so I made a trip to Costco to pick up a few things.I love shopping there, it was'nt too bad in there today, tommorow will be much worse !!!!!! Rain is supposed to be coming back either tommorow or Thursday -Nordstrom sent me a $ 40 dollar certificate in the mail -I might make use of it tommorow but that was'nt the most exciting thing I got in the mall, There was a big tan envelope in my mailbox when I looked and the return address was Hollywood, no way I thought , but when I carefully opened it there was an autographed picture from Jorja !!!!!!!!! Wow talk about my day being made I did'nt think it was possible to love Jorja any more, but now I do, lol.I did'nt think she even got my letter that time, I wrote to her almost a year and a half ago , but she is on a # 1 rated show so I can understand that Jorja is probably really busy !!!!!!! I wish all of you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, I will be going to Mimi's Cafe with my mom and brother Thanksgiving, no dishes to do up later, yea !!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way Lisa Jo your man is on the cover of People magazine this week, pick that issue up if you have'nt already, Have a good Wednesday tommorow everyone, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


imgr8phil said...

Glad you had a great day.  I love the rain, so nice to cuddle to the sound of raindrops.  I'm so happy for you getting that autographed picture.  Be sure to get it framed.  Take care babe.


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

How totally cool...I am soooo happy for you!! Big hugs,TerryAnn

queeniemart said...

Take a pic and show us your pic! Good for you, lisa...i am SO happy you got that pic. If George sent me a pic, i would pee myself and then faint.
I subscribe to People so you can bet i will save this mag for all times. He is so studly.

siennastarr said...

Finally!  A pic of Jorja!  I know that must have made your day complete! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!  Mimi's cafe!  Yummm!