Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Day Today

Hi friends, I worked an 8 hour day today, and OMG what a zoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could'nt believe how crowded my store was today, it was unbelievable.Now I did'nt have any rude customers today like I was expecting but there were alot of annoying things that happened.The first annoying thing was we had a buy one, get one free sale going on yesterday and today on all the Christmas ornaments, holiday gift wraps, Christmas cards, and assorted Christmas candles.The things besides the ornaments were no problem to scan but the freaking Christmas ornaments were a nightmare because if a person was buying a whole bunch of them at once which more then person did I had to scan each set of them as a separate transaction and when you have a huge line it can really suck !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh I was so not having it !!!!!!! Ok and then when my other cashier in back with me Shenee went to lunch I got a huge line and when I tried to call for a back -up cashier my phone was not working-Somebody's phone was off the hook-Freaking great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so desperate I called one of the new guys over who was putting some go-backs away and said "Trevor can you do me a huge favor and tell Robert I need another cashier " Bless his heart , he is such a sweet kid, Robert came running back a second later and found out where the culprit phone was.Trevor came in the back to help us ring as well.I like him so much, I 'm going to talk Anthony into keeping Trevor permanately - he is a keeper !!!!!!!!  I hope you all had a good Saturday, thank God the Christmas ornament thing ended today, and thank God I am off for the next two days, Hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All Lisa XO


imgr8phil said...

Sounds like you had a busy day.  I'm sure the day flew bye too.  Relax and have a good night beautiful!


queeniemart said...

I'm glad that you made it thru with no horrible incidents! I can see you just needing help and going crazy!!! I got your beautiful friendship card, thank you my sweet friend.
love,lisa jo

mastersblynn said...

sounds like one of my entrys!  Ain't it fun being a cashier?  Love ya! Barbara

heathermarie3073 said...

I feel for ya... I can't imagine working in retail sales during Christmas.  I used to work for an A&P in my homestate and it was always the worst right before any holiday.  I always wondered where that holiday spirit went that everyone would talk about.  Because the people in my line were pretty grumpy on the whole, lol.  Glad you survived that rush.  Hope the rest of the month goes by ok too.
xoxo, Heather