Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Day Today

Hi friends, back to work I went today in the cold, I was really surprised, my store was'nt all that bad today, I should mention I was in Nordstrom and I was talking to my friend Eva that works in there.I had mentioned to her before how cute I thought Anthony was and she told me today she had seen him in the store yesterday and she thought he was cute too.She seemed like she might be trying to flirt with him which kind of annoyed me so I mentioned to her he had a girlfriend already.I saw her go in the wine department today but I guess Anthony was busy when she came in and he could'nt talk , lol. :) I am counting how many more days I am working until Christmas, tommorow , Friday and Saturday and it will all be over -Yea !!!!!!! I am off Christmas Eve-thank God !!!!!!!!! I ca'nt wait to give my gorgeous Anthony his present Saturday, I also plan on giving him a card with the same picture of me in the red dress that I mailed to you guys in your Christmas cards, lol. Tommorow night's CSI is the second half of the one from last week on CBS with the Cirque Du Soleil in case some of you watched last week's episode on CBS for the first time, Hope you all have a good Thursday, CSI night woo-hoo and Lisa Jo told me Sexy William Peterson from CSI is on the TV Guide 's cover Friday woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


imgr8phil said...

Silly chick getting all jealous over Anthony and that friend of yours at Nordstrom's.  Have a nice Thursday!


queeniemart said...

I'm glad you have Christmas Eve off....i bet Anthony will love anything you give him. Your friend better keep her paws off your man!

kamdghwmw said...

I am sure that he will like the pictures. I am glad that you have Christmas eve off