Monday, December 18, 2006

My Day Today

Hi friends, I worked today and my store was sooooooooo busy.I was feeling a little sick in the store today because the Mall Management turned the heat up once again, I was not a happy camper, plus as usual we were really short-staffed so that made things difficult.Yul won Survivor last night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo I was soooooooo happy, he was on the cover of the San Mateo Daily Times and the San Mateo Daily Journal, he played the game so well.I got Christmas cards today from Barbara, Chrissie and Pam, thanks you guys so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad beyond words I am off work tommorow, I could dance I am so happy, I hope you all have a good Tuesday, How many more days are left until Christmas ? 6 I will be so happy when Christmas is over, I noticed today almost all the Christmas ornaments are gone, lol.Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO By the way I talked to one of my J-land Friends on the phone last night -Amy I enjoyed talking to you so much last night, :) Thanks for calling !!!!


mastersblynn said...

Welcome! :) Barbara

kamdghwmw said...

I hope that yopu enjoy your day off!

magogos said...

Glad you survived you survived, despite the heat, and really happy you have tomorrow off! Margo

queeniemart said...

its always nice to talk to a J Lander on the phone...even better in person. Enjoy your day off today. WM is a damn zoo. Cant wait for Christmas to be over.

chat2missie said...

I'm sure those working retail, are so ready for Christmas to be over.  I remember those days!!!  Have a good rest of your week.