Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I hope you all had a good Wednesday.I was sooooooo tired this morning I slept through my sweet Anthony calling wanting me to come into work earlier, ugh there was such a bad storm this morning with rain and whipping howling winds, I really did'nt want to go out in that weather, even for Anthony as much as I adore him and think the world of him. I do'nt want to say "Yes" every single time he asks for a favor or he will think I am a sucker, which I admit I can be at times, I was chatting to my new friend Riss this morning and there was a loud boom outside and the freakin power went out.Luckily it came right back on, lol.I was so touched by what Lisa Jo wrote in her journal about me, Lisa Jo you are such a wonderful true friend and I love you so much and cherish your friendship.I am so happy you love that calender, it was screaming your name at me.I went to the mall around 10:00 this morning to do a little shopping before work, I bought some lemon lotion and a Pecan Passion lotion from Bath and Body Works who are having thier twice a year Semi-Annual Sale which I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a good girl, I just spent $ 15 there.I also bought some  adorable Chihuahua Thank you notes and a CSI calender for Riss at the Calender Club too.Almost every store in the mall is having a sale, I love it !!!!!!!! When I went into work Anthony came up to me and said "Hey Lisa did you get my message this morning ? I left you one " I gave him my most innocent expression and said "Really I did'nt get the message, " but my power went out a few times so it seemed believable.I had a few returns today , but that is to be expected so soon after Christmas.It was fairly quiet in the store today and I enjoyed it.Robert was off today but I hope he liked the Starbucks giftcard.I will see him tommorow, he is closing.I have been craving a Mc Chicken sandwich all day from Mc Donald's.Maybe I will go to Burger King for lunch tommorow which is in the mall where I work.I wore this awesome glow in the dark necklace today to work that has a little crab inside of it, you can see the crab in the pendant, the only person who noticed my necklace was my asst general manager Cheryl .When I had a return Cheryl came over to scan her badge and she was like " there's a crustacean in your necklace", Robin my other asst manager was like "Well she has an excuse to be crabby then" I was laughing so hard.I got off work at 5:00 and headed home, when my brother Derek was here last night he totally messed up my channels so I sat in front of the TV in my bedroom toying with it until I had all the channels back, I need my CSI fix every night and even though I was going to take a shower I turned it on anyway because it's comforting to me to hear the cast of CSI's voices when I get out of the shower, I took a bath before I took a shower and fell alsleep in the bathtub, just pure exhaustion, lol.Tommorow night is CSI night-woot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for Thursday nights.Back at work for me tommorow -I am working 11-4 tommorow , not bad.Hope you all have a good Thursday, I would like to welcome some new reader's to my journal who are friends of Lisa Jo's -Hello and welcome to my journal, hope you enjoy reading it, I always love meeting new friends -J-land is a wonderful place, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


mastersblynn said...

be careful falling asleep in the bathtub!  We do not want to lose our precious Lisa!  Hope you get some your bed silly. xoxBarbara

queeniemart said...

Cool, new readers? YEAH!!!
I think its great that you dont say yes to Mr. Sexy every time he calls..good for you. You need your rest and down time too. I LOL when i read about you being crabby. I bet that is an awesome necklace. How many B&Bodyworks lotions do you have? I bet the whole store!! Megan also has a load of them.

ukgal36 said...

Hi thanks for the welcome.. I love your Journal and I love Lisa Jo too!!

kamdghwmw said...

we have been having really bad winds here! I swear I am going to get blown over if I go outside.

siennastarr said...

Oh, I know what you mean about those winds, Lisa!  They were howling down here in Southern Cali too!!  I'm glad you didn't just drop everything and run when Anthony calls!  That should always be your option, you know?

Well.. enjoy your CSI tonite! I'm getting sick of Thursday nights because all the programs I watch (on ABC) are reruns now!  :(   I hate that!

Have a good day, Lisa!


magogos said...

Gee, all CT gets is warmer than normal and grey rain, minus any real storm! Glad you made it through yesterday, and enjoy CSI tonight! Maybe we can connect tomorrow, Friday :) Margo

chat2missie said...

Hope your having a good day at work.

imgr8phil said...

Stay away from those fast foods young lady.  Didn't we talk about that already?  LOL