Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you had a good Wednesday.Mine was good.This was my only day off this week so I went out and did some errands.My online friend Angie aka Canyonsun said tonight she already got my Christmas card and she is in Ohio, wow she got it fast !!!!!!!  I mailed them Monday morning at the post office.Hopefully all of you guys that did'nt get my cards today will get them tommorow,I just got home and heard on the news that James Kim , the father of the family that was missing in Oregon was found dead tonight, that is so sad :( I am sending prayers up for that family tonight.Back at work for me tommorow and there is a new CSI on tommorow night :) Tommorow is my long day at work this week so I will probably get lots of emails for Anthony tommorow, I love making him happy and I am glad that if I do get lots of emails each week it gets Cyndie our meanie district manager off his back.Yeah I admit it I have the hots for him , it's true :) Like you guys could'nt tell huh ? Lol , hope you all have a good Thursday tommorow, I love you all and hugs Lisa XO


siennastarr said...

YOU have the HOTS for Anthony??  Who da thunk it?? lol  I would have never guessed! lol  Silly girl! hee

That is very sad about James Kim..   I was hoping that he would turn up alive, but every hour that he wasn't found, and with the weather being so cold, the outlook grew more dismal.  I feel so bad for his wife and children.. his parents.  Man, what a rotten Christmas they are going to have.

I hope you have a good day tomorrow, Lisa!


queeniemart said...

I am in Ohio but didnt get a card yet from you yet...maybe tomorrow. I hope you have a good day at work tomorrow. I hope you get a big reward someday for getting so many emails. Love you

magogos said...

I never would have guessed that you were the slightest bit interested in Anthony. Not at all. :) I hope your long day goes well, and you get lots of e-mails! Margo

lindapaterson177 said...

Like we coundnt tell lisa!! lol it`s as plain as the nose on your face lol!! hope you had a good sleep.
luv bella xxx