Monday, May 1, 2006

Wow What a Relief

hi everyone, I went back to work today and Anthony and I talked for a little while before I started work, I told him I was stressing about the Customer ID thing and he said that it actually starts tommorow instead of today and again if any customers gave me any crap about it to call him, I was really relieved ! Also I told him that I need to buy some new clothes before the dress code starts next week, he looked at me and went "You get all your clothes at Nordstrom huh?" and I chuckled and said "Yeah most of them" Anthony buys all his clothes there and he always looks like a million bucks every day when I see him so I used him as a role model for how to dress so I kind of started dressing nicer too.I again noticed today how beautiful his eyes are, they are soooooooooo sexy ! I had a pretty good day today all in all, Lisa I got your pictures developed for you so I'll be getting them off to you tommorow,  I need to stock up on shower gels at Bath and Body Works, they are 5 for 25 $ right now which is soooooo cool because normally they are like 10 dollars for one, have a good Tuesday tommorow friends, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Sorry about that PC froze up. UGH.
I cant wait to get my pics!! Woo Hoo!!
Did you say Anthony is married? The dude has no clue you have the hots for him, does he? He would be a lucky man to have a girl like you!
LOVE,lisa jo