Friday, May 5, 2006

Friday is here, thank god !

Hi friends, it's Friday and I'm glad about that.Today I am working which I am glad about because I can see Anthony before I leave on Monday for my trip.Also I need to raid Bath and Body Works before thier 5 for 25 sale ends on the shower gels, I need more shower gels.CSI was really good last night, the way Grissom looked at Sara at the end , I was like hmmmmmmmmm like they were up to something.God I love that show with a passion, I ca'nt wait for this season to come out on DVD, I am so going to buy it , but I will enjoy seeing the reruns this summer.I am craving mexican food today, good thing it's Cinco De Mayo , I'll get some enchiladas for lunch , Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa


chat2missie said...

My friend works at bath and body works.  I'm gonna ask her to pick me up a few.  What a good price!  I saw the way Grissom looked at Sara also.  A romance brewing up again??

queeniemart said...

How long will you be gone?
Megan loves those shower gels. I use Zest soap. lol....i am old.