Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back home

hi friends, I came home today from my trip.I loved Alaska.The Hubbard Glaciers were breathtaking and I took some really good pictures of them to show you guys.I also saw Victoria, British Columbia , Canada and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Juneau Alaska, which had some great shops.Then Skagway Alaska which had beautiful scenery, snow capped mountains and such.Icy Strait Point was my favorite place in Alaska, I loved going to top of the 11'th floor of the ship to look for whales.It was really exciting to see thier spouts in the water and to see them in the water.I fell in love with them, they are beautiful and amazing to see.Also in Sitka Alaska the bald eagles were soaring above me everywhere I went, it was fun seeing them .They are gorgeous birds.The Cruise ship was beautiful and I met some cool friends on there , however they were a few snobs on the ship too who I ignored for the most part.The thing that irritated me was the lack of channels on the ship.They really sucked, the best channel I got was CNN and that did'nt even come in that good sometimes.I hated missing CSI, the last two episodes sounded really good.I read online there was something sweet and romantic that happened between Grissom and Sara, oh my god I'm dying to see the last two episodes !!!!!! I missed all of you so much, it's good to be home !!!!!!! By the way I stopped by work today to briefly check my schedule for next week and Anthony was there, he looked hot !!!!!!!!! I missed his handsome face when I was gone, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Did i tell you my daughter Megan went on an alaskan cruise a year ago with her godparents? Sounds like you did the same. I am so glad you liked going so sounds magical!!   How long until you go back to work? I got your postcard today! Thank you, you are the sweetest person,Lisa.

chat2missie said...

I'm sure glad you had a good time.  I'm sure Alaska was just beautiful.

magogos said...

You are so lucky to have  taken a trip like this, and your beautiful descprikptions make me want to jump on a plane for thw West Coast! Margo