Saturday, May 27, 2006

Whew made it threw today !

hi everyone, I worked until 10:00 tonight, whew I'm beat, lol.Anthony was there though -Sigh ..................... God he is handsome.I read this quote in a book once that says "Unfortanely I could'nt help listening to him, he was as handsome as the dawn " That quote totally refers to Anthony, I had a pretty ok day today except around 5:00 some fucking idiot customer decided to flush paper towels in the Men's and Women's bathrooms in my store which I might add that all of us who work in the store have to use as well.Poor Anthony , he was in the Women's bathroom when I came back from my break wiping up filthy water on the floor with his shoe.I felt so bad for him.I took pity on him and held the door open for him while he was in there.This is'nt the first time a customer has flushed paper towels and I really hate stupid people who pull stunts like that.I want to wring thier stupid necks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is even a sign above the toilets in both bathrooms that says in big bold letters that says "Please do not flush paper towels " God some of our customers are truly idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not all of them, most of them are cool but there are definetely a few who are  a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.The plumber came tonight to fix the bathrooms but I noticed there was still an Out of Order sign on the Women's bathroom when we closed tonight................. Sigh.Hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Well dear, at least they didnt poop and then smear the turds on the stall doors like they did last year at my WM. LOL
I hope you got some rest!! Love,lj