Friday, May 5, 2006

Friday Thoughts

hi friends, today was pretty good as far as Fridays go.I worked and Anthony came in around 1:30 looking styling in a long sleeved black shirt and khaki pants.Wow he really knows how to dress, lol.When I was in the back at my register he came up to me and I looked at him and said 'You look nice" He smiled and said "Thank You" He asked me if I could work Saturday and I said "No problem " How could I possibly say "No" to him, I simply ca'nt do it, he has this power over me, lol.I need to start packing Sunday for my trip.I am going on an Alaskian Cruise for 12 days.I ca'nt help but think about George Smith and his tragic death of the cruise ship on his honeymoon.I feel so bad for his family, he was a really handsome man and his family deserves answers about what happened to him the night he died.It is still a mystery to this day about what exactly happened to him.In the April issue of Vanity Fair that had Terri Hatcher on the cover there was a big article in it about George, it made me sad when I read it.Also actually the reason I bought the Vanity Fair in the first place was for Terri's article, she is a really brave lady coming forward about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.I admire her for having the guts to speak out at court about that, I see her in a totally different light then I did before.I felt like I could really relate to some of the things Terri said in that article, I was rather blown away by some of the things she said, I felt I could have written them myself.Have a good Saturday , Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

I think George Smiths wife knows exactly what happened to him.
Do you undress Anthony with your eyes? Man, i cant wait to see this dude.
Get some rest and start packing too!!
love,lisa jo