Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday is here

hi friends, it's Saturday , yea !!!!!!! I am working today from 1:30 to 10:00 tonight.That should be interesting .Hopefully I wo'nt get too tired from being at work soooooo late.I am badly craving mexican food , I have been since last night.Maybe hit Taco Bell before I start work.I feel really bad about my weight gain from last year.That doctor's appt Wednesday was a wake-up call for me.I know I need to lose at least 50 pounds but god it is so not easy.I think dieting is one of the hardest things ever !!!!!!!!!!! The problem is I love food , maybe too much and Coca-Cola Classic from the fountain machine is my 1# weakness , I love it !!!!!!!!! Also my other weaknesses are cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, french fries, pizza, chinese food, I could go on.Seriously though I would like to wear a shirt and have it fit tight and not look like I'm pregnant anymore.A customer thought I was pregnant a few months ago.I was so insecure about myself the rest of that day like dang I need to really start working out every day.I know I need to eat better and all that , but it's easier said then done, ok I'll update tonight or tommorow, Love You All Lisa


magogos said...

I feel for your weight struggle-I hav e been through quite a lot of them myself. Have you considered going to a nutritionist? If you do and you feel she's acting snooty or superior, look for a better one. I know you don't want to creep up over the years until your only out is something extreme like gastrig bypass-as happened to me. Still, I know exactly how hard it is to give up all the food you love! Margo PS Hope you don't think I am preaching-I do not want to do tnhat at all. M.

chat2missie said...

We hit Taco Bell last night. YUMMY!!  Hope you have a good day at work.

queeniemart said...

Oh Lisa, i have seen your pics and you are beautiful and not fat at all!! Dieting SUCKS. The worst thing ever. I hope you are able to see Mr. Anthony today and be happy. I hope you arent too tired either!!