Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Sunday Ramblings

hi friends, I will have a new dress code at work starting next week but I will be away for two weeks after this Sunday, lol.Anyhow our new colors are black, white, khaki and grey which sucks because I have lots of black but no white, grey or black.Damn now I guess I need to get some new clothes, was'nt planning on that.I was reading the latest US magazine which is my favorite magazine ever and even though I think what  Denise Richards did was wrong, dating Heather Locklear's Ex-husband Richie Sambora  Heather was Denise's best friend, Charlie Sheen sounds like a total ass !!!!!!!!!! He threatened Denise and said "You're fucking with the wrong guy, I read he took a wedding photo of them together and sawed it in half in the garage and spray-painted "The dumbest day of my life" on it I was like oh my god ! Also he told her "I hope you get cancer and die" and he pushed her once when she was holding the baby and she fell with the baby in her arms, All I can say is Denise be careful and get a good divorce lawyer because you need to make sure you get custody of those two sweet girls, That is my worst fear to marry a man who turns out to be abusive like Charlie Sheen, I suffered enough abuse as a kid from my dad and I'll be damned if I marry someone who treats me as horrible as he did.On another note my assistant manager Robin is soooooo lucky, today after the store meeting this morning she got to go to a Giants game with her husband and Anthony and his girlfriend.I was jealous I admit, but I really like Robin , too much to be jealous for long.She is really pretty , Robin looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and sometimes she reminds me of Jamie Lynn Siglar aka Meadow from the Soprano's, Some girls have all the luck, Sometimes I wish I was the one who was lucky, in life, Have a great Monday everyone, Think of me at work tommorow dealing with the new ID policy, I swear to god somebody is going to flip out about that, mark my words, but if Anthony is standing near me I wo'nt lose my composure and cry, Love You All , Lisa

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magogos said...

Hope your day went well, and you can get used to the new dress code. Margo