Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's Saturday, Yea, lol

hi friends, the weekend is here !!!!!!!!! Sooooooo happy, I might do a few things today before I start work at 1:00 this afternoon, I am so glad David switched shifts with me today, otherwise I would have had to get up at 6:30 A.M. this morning for work , ugh.Anthony will be there too today so that will be nice, I am sure the store will be a madhouse today, the day before Easter, dang I will be running around like a mad chicken with my head cut off, lol.My sweet friend Brian's last day is today before he moves so I will be glad to see him one more time today , I'll have someone take my picture with him, he dresses so nice every day for work so he always looks sharp ! Actually Anthony does too, lol.They are both fashion-plates, lol.I might try my luck and go by See's today but I already know they will be very busy.I'll look though and see how bad it is inside there.Sounds like it rained last night outside, I am getting fed up with it, Bring on some sun already !!!!!!!!!!! My neighbors below me are still being loud and obnoxious blasting music and having loud partys at thier place, and if that is'nt bad enough they have a container of standing water on thier deck that has been sitting there for two months so I guess they want to breed some mosquitos as well.I have complained so many times about them and the police know of them as well.So frustrating having bad neighbors, makes you appreciate the good ones for sure, Have a great Easter everyone, Love You All, Lisa

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magogos said...

Hope your day went well, and that you have a Happy Easter. Margo