Thursday, April 13, 2006

Friday is almost here, thank god

hi friends, I am so tired tonight, just got through watching my three fave shows, Thursday nights are the best !!!!!!!!I got my boyfriend Randy to watch a little of CSI tonight, but the one that was on tonight was so-so , however the next 4 episodes that start April 27'th look great, I'm so excited to see them.Of course on CSI there were spoilers telling about some of the upcoming 4 episodes so I had to read them, lol.I am glad I am off tommorow inless Anthony calls me in.I am such a sucker for him and his pretty eyes, lol.He is working Saturday too so I am glad about that because to me working Saturday without Anthony there would suck, I had some really annoying customers today at my register, this older lady was buying some talking puzzles from me and she changed her mind twice about buying them and then when I had a huge line decides to come back and get them, not to mention she claimed I owed her $ 20 dollars from earlier, I was like WTF?,  I do'nt owe you shit, I did'nt say that but I was thinking it, god some people annoy the hell out of me sometimes, I just want to pop open a beer and say 'Fuck it" and calm my nerves.Anyhow hope you all have a good Friday tommorow , oh my god it is Good Friday tommorow, ROFL, Hugs everyone, have a great day, Love Lisa


queeniemart said...

That customer sounds off her rocker.....Hey, at least she didnt pee on you!! LOL

I didnt know you had a BF.  Put up a pic of you and him sometime. I still have shows to watch from last weekend, sigh, i have no time for anything.
LOVE, lisa jo

magogos said...

Hope you had a Good Friday, too! :) Margo