Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Madness

hi everyone, today was'nt too bad of a day considering it was Monday, I worked and the store was pretty quiet for the most part.I made this lady's day today when I found her 54 bars of unfragranced soap that was placed up high in a wine box on the top of the shelf, she was looking all over for it at first and brought in the empty box and Anthony told her that it was a discontinued item and we were'nt going to be carrying it anymore, then I happened to look above the shelf and see the box and on the front of it someone had written unfragranced soap and I opened up the box and it was the same soap the lady had wanted, she was so happy , she had all the other soaps she is allergic to with dyes and fragrances so when Anthony came over she goes "This gal found it for me" and I saw a beautiful smile cross his lips, it was a nice moment.Anyhow I am off tommorow but I will be able to get a few things done, then back to work Wednesday, Hope you all have a good Tuesday and thank you all for voting for Jorja Fox to win for Sexiest Vegetarian who voted, I hope she wins, she has done so much good for animals and she is such an amazing person and actress, she is my favorite person on CSI and she plays Sara Sidle to perfection ! New episode of CSI Thursday, Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Does he have sexy lips? I like mens lips.   Take a pic of the lips if you can. Good for you for helping that lady. I know how much it means to give and to get good help out in the public and i bet she really needed that soap!
Love,lisa jo

magogos said...

Glad your Monday went well-and I hope your Jorja wins. Margo