Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday at World Market

hi everyone, I had my meeting this morning , getting up at 6:00 was not fun, but seeing Anthony this morning was a lift, so here's the latest scoop about my meeting that I had to attend this morning, starting tommorow our customer ID policy is going to change so every single customer tommorow who buys alcohol or an alcoholic beverage who comes to my register will be asked for thier ID card even if they are 80 years old , that's right folks, I kid you not , now see I can totally see some of the customers thinking that I am kidding with them about that, but what we will be doing is after scanning the alcoholic beverage we will enter the customer's birth month , date and year into the register.I can just see one or two people having a problem with that.Anthony told me today that if anyone got annoyed about that or gave me a problem to call him and he would come over and explain it to them.Sounds like I have a fun day tommorow coming up, also in June our store is going to be remodeled and we will have to all work around that !!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck tommorow at work, but handsome Anthony will be there, so my day wo'nt be totally awful.I am so tired, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Poor Lisa......i know customers are going to be annoyed! Maybe lots of them will get mad and you will get to call cutiepatootie over to your register constantly and get to see him more. LOL
HUGS, lisa jo

chat2missie said...

I think entering everyone's birthdate is an excellent idea.  I wouldn't be annoyed.  Have a good one.