Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Madness

hi friends, I worked today and it was pretty busy today for a Monday , not to mention Cyndie our district manager came by for a visit, if I have'nt told you guys about her before, oh my god she is the biggest bitch ever and she makes everyone really nervous whenever she comes by.Poor Anthony did'nt eat anything all day because he was too busy doing the walk-around the store with Cyndie so before I left today I bought a bag of chips for him to tide him over before he went home, I hated seeing him starve all day because of Cyndie.She is enough to make anyone lose thier appetite.Anyhow I am off tommorow so I'll try to get a few things done, hope you all have a good Tuesday tommorow, The sun is actually out today, I ca'nt believe it, I was starting to forget what it looked like, lol.I love you guys, Hugs Always Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Its a shame your DM is a bitch. They sometimes think they have to come off like that to make a difference but a little niceness goes a long way. Enjoy your day off Lisa!
Hugs,lisa jo