Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another week is almost over

hi friends, it's almost Friday and believe me I'm glad about that, I love weekends and I am off tommorow so that will be nice.Lately I have been thinking alot of my best  friend Debbi and how much I miss seeing her and talking to her.It has almost been 5 months since she moved to Jackson and I am starting to fear that the move has wrecked our friendship which makes me feel incredibly sad.We were best friends and I loved her.I loved having someone so close to me I could share things with and confide in, she is beautiful and so kind and I really miss having her in my life.I wish she would call me and let me know how she is doing.I have been thinking of her alot this week, I miss Debbi, it hurts, we were so close once, now it seems like there are so many miles that separate us, makes me sad .I wonder if absence really does make the heart grow fonder or if that saying is really just a crock of shit ? Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

I had a best friend in HS that was my world. My dad practically raised her....we did EVERYTHING together. She dumped me with no notice when she got married....suddenly she was too good for me. Oh how i carried that pain around for so long. Now? She is divorced, her ex cheated on her and is living in govt housing with a pregnant teen daughter. I feel sorry for her.
Why am i talking about this? I guess to tell you that you can only pray that she calls you...i hope she hasnt walked out of your life. I know how painful that is.
LOVE,lisa jo