Saturday, April 8, 2006

The weekend is here

hi friends, it's Saturday and I am glad.There are some things I need to get done this weekend.Work was ok yesterday , it was a busy day and I brought my digital camera back to take Anthony's picture but he did'nt want me to take his picture.He told me as a child he had modeled which I did'nt find to be a surprise.I like him so much though I wo'nt go against his wishes.He is so handsome , I looked on the break schedule for next week and I am working on my birthday , but it's my own stupid fault, I waited too late to ask for that day off, oh well Anthony will be there that day so it wo'nt be all bad.I really miss my friend Debbi, she has been gone for about 3 months now, I have'nt  heard from her since she moved and she has'nt called me once since she moved, I ca'nt help but wonder if she has forgotten about me.She is living with her boyfriend now so I do'nt know, I feel like I got left standing on the sidelines and it sucks.This is exactly what I was afraid of , that our friendship would get messed up after she moved and it looks like it has happened.Makes me feel really sad.If I do'nt hear from her on my birthday, Monday I will be really hurt.Anyhow have a good weekend everyone, have fun, Hugs Always Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Lisa, PLEASE email me your name and address today....dont worry, i am no stalker...last year i mailed lots of Christmas cards here in J Land and i want to get you a card for your important bday tomorrow....i know it will be late but i want to anyway. I will send you my address too. I am sorry that your friend Debbi moved away..have you called or written to her? If not, take that first step and i hope she comes around. HUGS,lisa jo
PS- I wanted to give your journal a shout out in my journal if you wanted more readers but you went private. I hope all is well.