Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Place For Backstabbers In My Life

hi there friends, I worked today and I saw a former friend of mine who had the nerve to walk into my store and stare at me.I just completely ignored her so I hope she got the hint I was'nt  interested in talking to her .I'll tell you all why Rosalie is a former friend , she at first was a charming sweet older woman who befriended me at my store and in the early days she was wonderful to know and have as a friend,she would call me up and leave lovely messages on my answering machine and get together with me for lunch every so often,  then a few months later when I introduced her to my best friend Debbi, after I went back to work Rosalie and Debbi walked off together and I had a bad feeling .The next day Debbi calls me up and says Rosalie was telling her vicious lies about me and making shit up about me that was'nt true so after that and after she called my mom up and twisted things around that I had told her I dumped Rosalie as a friend.She turned out to be a mean, stuck-up , snotty backstabber and I have no place in my life for people like that.I guess I am way too trusting sometimes so now I am a little more careful about who I let into my life.Sometimes the people we least expect in our lives like a sweet charming older woman can turn out to be a snake in the grass, be careful my friends, I learned the hard way about who I can trust, Love You All Lisa P.S. And another thing I called Rosalie up a while back to return her call to me and she uttered two words to me that my timing calling her was bad "Not Suitable" she went and hung up on me just like that, oh my god was I pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do'nt need people like that in my life .She never seemed to have any time for me, it was always all about her and I used to have to base everything around her and her schedule, Fuck that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


queeniemart said...

Oh i know all about AHs like her. I work with about 100 of them. I have gotten SO good at looking thru people and acting as if they dont exist. Its a shitty trait to have and not very caring but a person can only take so much BS.
Steer clear of this woman, Lisa!
HUGS, lisa jo

magogos said...

I'm sorry that you had to have this experience. margo

imgr8phil said...

Such language from such an innocent lady!!  LOL