Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday is here

hi friends, today was my second Saturday working, Anthony was there looking handsome as ever, lol.Tommorow is my crack of dawn meeting at the store, we are going to discuss the new dress code, the world market, credit cards, and the upcoming remodeling of our store.It will be weird to be working there during the remodeling, but I suppose it can be done.Getting up at 6:00 tommorow is going to suck but seeing Anthony will make it all worthwhile.I am also working tommorow 12-5 so hopefully we will be a little busier tommorow then we were today.It was a beautiful sunny day today , which is what the weather should be like now for almost May, I ca'nt believe April is over tommorow, where did it go, lol ? I am so tired tonight , but if I go to bed really early tonight I wo'nt be able to fall alsleep, maybe I'll pop in a CSI dvd , I ca'nt believe there are only three episodes left of this season, it went by so fast, but I think this season (the 6'th) of CSI was my favorite ever !!!!!!!!!!! I ca'nt wait till it comes out on DVD although that wo'nt be till September , October, or November.Worth the wait though, lol.Anyhow enjoy your Sunday tommorow, sleep in a little for me , will ya ? Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

I only watch CSI:NY......they got some hotties on that show! I know all about working in a retail store that is being remodeled. YUCKY!
Love, lisa