Sunday, July 2, 2006

Just Venting

hi friends, I worked today and I am tired but glad I made it through another day.And by the way boy am I glad I'm off tommorow because there are supposed to be all these people from Corporate coming by the store tommorow that want to see the remodel.Anthony will have to do a walk around in the store with them.What a fun  day he will have.Poor baby I hope they all treat him good.I'm hoping and praying that the woman's daughter from Corporate does'nt get hired at our store.Wow that would be such a nightmare in the makings !!!!!!!! I do'nt see anything good coming from that, just more stress and hard times for us Cost Plus employees.God sometimes I wonder how much shit will get thrown my way in this life.I wonder why sometimes some people have all the luck and breaks in life, why the sun seems to constantly shine on some people and they are born lucky.I was never one of those people.I've had to work hard all my life and everything I have which is'nt much I have paid for myself.Nobody in my family ever offered me any help moneywise.My dad told my brother to tell me that he cut me out of his will and I told my brother "Good I do'nt give a shit" I 'm used to being poor and I will be poor the rest of my life.I do'nt need my dad's money.He is such a heartless asshole he has never done anything nice for me in all the years I have been alive.Just humiliated me and made me feel unworthy and invisible.I grew up feeling unimportant and that I did'nt matter.I was never made to feel like I did.My self-esteem suffered greatly.To this day I still have huge self-esteem problems.I guess I always will for the rest of my life.I hate my life sometimes.I hate the way I feel about myself.I wish I was someone else sometimes,. anybody else but who I am.Thanks for listening to me vent, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Please TRY to not feel that way because of your dad. I hate it that that AH has made you feel this way about yourself when you are such an awesome lady. You deserve a thousand Anthonys in your life and your dad isnt worth anything. I hope you enjoy your day off!