Saturday, July 1, 2006

My Saturday

hi friends, I worked today and it was pretty busy in the store today.My favorite girl at the store Leslie told me that some lady's daughter from Corporate wants to work at our store and Anthony really did'nt want to hire her because she would run to her mother and tattle to her about everything that goes down at our store.Can you imagine how much that would suck ? Leslie also said Anthony might be forced to hire this girl because Cyndie aka Ms Bitch might force him to hire her.Fuck that pisses me off !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see this could be a major problem !!!!!!! Hopefully she will find another store to work at besides ours.I looked on the work schedule for this week and I am working tommorow, Tuesday which will be the first day that Cheryl returns back to work.I'm nervous about her being back, my period is coming too so she had better think twice before messing with me !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony's birthday is coming up soon and his present is in my room waiting for him.I am so looking forward to going to Las Vegas, OMG I'm pumped up with joy !!!!!!!! I wish I knew if CSI was going to be filming that week while I am there, I will do a little investigating online and find out.I am so bringing my digital camera in case !!!!!!!!! Have a good Sunday everyone, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

I want lots of Vegas pics...some nice rear end shots......George Clooney nudes if possible. LOL

Dont stress about the chick coming back. Smile and do your normal good work and dont talk to her. I hope the corporate rat doesnt come there. If she does, ol Anthony may need a caring hug or two from you for comfort.