Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday is here , Yea !!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, It's Friday , Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for Fridays , they are the best days of the week.Tommorow my handsome stunning Prince Anthony will be there again !!!!!!!!! I am dying to see him and talk to him.I've missed him sooooooooo much !!!!!! It is soooooooooooo hot here and there is also bad humidity in the air, I slept with my Hello Kitty fan on all night last night !!!!!!!! The heat in my bedroom was unbearable, I think when I left Las Vegas last Friday I brought the heat home with me.I might go take an ice cold shower but I hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa


chat2missie said...

When are we going to see a picture of this Anthony??  Inquiring minds want to know! LOL.

queeniemart said...

Its humid and rainy in Ohio. Hello Kitty fan huh?! How cool is that?

I hope you have had your eyeful of Anthony.
Love,lisa jo