Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

hi friends.I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning but I managed to get myself to work.Cheryl was back today but she seemed ok at least no different then how she is usually.I was at the register and this man who seemed very strange came up to me and goes 'Hey if I leave my ID with you can you loan me some money?' I was freaking out and thank god another customer came up to my register and asked me something and he walked away.I was like WTF ? Later when Cheryl came to the back of the store I asked her about the guy and she was like 'Oh I took care of that " and I was like 'Oh ok" Later when I was eating lunch out in the Food Court the mall security gal waved 'Hi " and came over to talk to me for a minute.She was like "You are so sweet and friendly to me every time I come by but that other woman who 's there at your store today , she 's not very friendly , I say "Hi" to her and she ignores me, she's rude !!!!!!!! " I knew exactly who she meant when she said that.On another note Guess what Anthony told me yesterday I forgot to mention in my journal? He said when he was in Vegas once he saw one of the guy from CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that would only happen to Anthony, not only is he blessed with good genes but he also seems lucky in life.I ca'nt wait to see him Saturday and give him his B-day present.I feel soooooooooo bad I'm going to miss his birthday.I really like him so much and I want him to always be happy and have the best in life.He is a great person and we are all lucky to have him at our store.I am off tommorow, yea I will be packing lots of my stuff since I am working Fri, and Sat .Hope you all have a great Thursday, enjoy CSI and Without a Trace if you are avid fans of those shows like me !!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

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