Saturday, July 22, 2006

Turn the heat down

hi friends, Today in San Mateo it was hotter then hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG worse then any day that I was in Vegas.I am really hoping after tommorow which is supposed to be hotter then today , it will cool down somewhat.Anthony was at work today looking stunningly handsome in a black long sleeved shirt and tan slacks.He looks great in black but boy when he stepped outside the sun must have soaked up his lucious chest, lol.I am bringing my digital cam to work tommorow.If any of you can come up with some sneaky ideas on how I can get Anthony's picture please give me some good ideas.I do'nt want to make him mad or upset him , but I need some good ideas on why I need a picture of him, thanks guys for your suggestions, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

You just have to come out and say "Hey Anthony i know you dont really like your pic taken but i am taking pics of all my friends and i would love just ONE of you since you are a great boss". Then hold the camera up, point it at him and say "cheese". He will laugh and go along with it and then act like "ok, thanks" and go back to whatever you were doing and he will forget all about it and then you can go and get that pic enlarged to poster size and put it on your wall. LOL

Good luck.

love,lisa jo

siennastarr said...

I'm with Lisa!  I think you should just take it!  When he least expects it!  What's he gonna do?  Break your camera? hee

I'm down here in Southern Cali and we are roasting too!  It's supposed to be 113 today!  I am so sick of all this ungodly heat!