Tuesday, July 4, 2006

More Tuesday Ramblings Part 2

Hi friends.Felt like writing a little more.Just to show that I am a sensitive person and I decided to spare Cheryl a little extra pain even though I think you all know how I feel about her.Last week I bought a huge stack of magazines into work like I always do for my coworkers to read and enjoy.Well anyway in one of the issues of Jane magazine I brought there was a story with moving pictures of a girl named Heather who had lost her battle with cancer and died.So before I left work today I made sure I took that magazine with me ( there were plenty of other ones) so Cheryl would'nt read about that girl and cry when she saw how sad some of the photos were of Heather.I'm not sure exactly how sick Cheryl's dad is.I'm not sure if he is near death and his illness is terminal or not but since I know for a fact Cheryl always reads the magazines I bring into work I knew she would see that story and either cry or became very upset or angry.I could have been a mean nasty person and purposely left that magazine in the break room for Cheryl to see but I'm not like that.I care about people and thier feelings.I know what it is like to be hurt and feel pain and be lonely and sad.I just figured I would spare Cheryl some extra pain.I'm sure she is hurting pretty bad right now.I wish Anthony was going to be at work tommorow, I miss him when he's gone, Love You All Lisa XO


queeniemart said...

You have a big heart and i hope your friends and coworkers know this...i sure do!

siennastarr said...

That was a very kind and considerate thing to do, Lisa...