Friday, July 7, 2006

Friday Thoughts

hi friends.It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fridays !!!!!!!! I went to Movie Groove this morning and picked up my Jorja Fox movie Food For The Heart.I ca'nt wait to see it.I know I will love it.Mr Handsome was there today but I only got a brilliant glimpse of him later in the day because he was pretty stressed-out this morning.I felt so bad for him.He stayed in the office pretty much all day.I offered to buy him an iced tea at lunch but he passed .I was sad.I am glad he will be there tommorow for me to enjoy.He makes me feel so good about myself.He is such a good manager.I feel so lucky we have Anthony at our store.He makes me feel so proud to work at Cost Plus.I'll update one more time tommorow.Pray I see Jorja and the rest of the CSI cast in Vegas !!!!!!!!!!! I might have a heart attack and need CPR !!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

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