Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

hi friends.I just got home a short time ago.Anthony will be back tommorow, but I wo'nt be back at work until Friday and he's off that day, Damn !!!!!!!!!! I wish I was working tommorow so I could see him.Today it has been a week since Kay has been missing.It is really pathetic how the police do'nt care about her being missing and they just throw thier hands up and say "She's over 18"Seems to me like any missing person who is over 18 is'nt a huge priority.I guess I'd better hope I never go missing.I came close to getting raped once, but I'll discuss that is an upcoming journal entry.Anyhow not too much to talk about tonight, I miss Anthony , I ca'nt wait to see him Saturday, I've missed his handsome face this week, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Enjoy your days off....love,lisa