Saturday, June 24, 2006

The 100 bill turned up

hi friends, I was having such a good night last night.Just finished watching CSI on Spike and settled down to update my journal and read my emails.One of my assistant managers from work Cheryl ( who is'nt my favorite person ) calls me up at 10:30 at night saying my cash register was 100 dollars short and where was the 100 bill ? Now see earlier in the morning which I told you guys about when I punched early I had needed 100 dollars worth of 5 dollar bills.So I remember handing Robin one of my other assistant managers whom I might add is a great person the 100 dollar bill before she brought me the stack of 5's .Of course while that was going on there were two customers who needed service 40's aka furniture carry-outs to thier cars, the beverage guy was calling me from down below saying he had a wine delivery and could someone let him in downstairs, the phone was ringing off the hook, and of course we were extremely short-staffed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Robin put the 100 dollar bill in her pocket to put in the safe later but being so busy she forgot to put it in the safe.I do'nt like the way Cheryl acted when she called me last night, she was rude and cold like always and I guess she was glad she was off today so she did'nt have to apologize to me.It really pissed me off !!!!!!!!!!! Cheryl has been there for almost 4 years and I have been there for almost 6 .Does'nt she know me by now ? So to say the least that ruined my evening last night, I was stressing soooooooooooooo bad !!!!!!!!!!! I totally remembered giving Robin the 100 dollar bill.I called Anthony this morning to ask him about if he heard about last night but he was like "Oh do'nt worry, Cheryl found the bill last night or she had found out what happened .Sigh............................. nice of Cheryl to let me know she had found it, I need to calm myself now, I 'm going to go pop in a DVD of CSI, Love You All Lisa P.S.By the way I bought Anthony's B-day present today and I bought him a card that said "On your birthday you should realize how special you are" and then when you open the card on the inside it says "Everybody else does" I ca'nt wait to give it to him !!!!!!!!!! Have a good Sunday everyone, Peace :)

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lacaza3 said...

cheryl is being a mean bitch....she does owe you an apology
donna In TEXAS