Friday, June 9, 2006

Poor Anthony

hi friends, hope you all had a great Friday.I started work at 5:00 tonight so I closed.It was not too bad of a day.I saw Anthony earlier before I started work.I came by to check my work schedule for next week.I am working 5 days next week, not too bad although my good friend Dee will be pissed because she wanted to get-together with me Sunday.I wish I could see her Sunday but maybe we can work something out for Monday.I'm off Monday.My friend at work Leslie said earlier this afternoon she and Anthony were doing a furniture carryout and the box they were carrying ripped Anthony's shirt near his nametag .Leslie said Anthony was like "Fuck do you know how much I paid for this shirt ? Poor Anthony , I ca'nt believe his shirt ripped and I missed it, damn !!!!!!!!!!! He is so handsome !!!!!!!!!!! I let him play with my digital camera earlier and I resisted the temptation to snap a picture of him but oh man I wanted to.I so wanted to do it.He seemed kind of sad that time a while back when he said he does'nt like having his picture taken so because I am madly in love with him I'll respect his wishes.It sucks though.I want all of you to see how handsome he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe one of you can help me figure out something.I found out at work tonight Anthony drives a Cadillac.I was like dang he is so young , I thought he would have a sports car or something.I see lots of elderly people in Cadillacs mostly.Oh well , shrugs.Hope you all have a great Saturday, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Lisa, dear, you blew it! Even if you were scared you had a PERFECT oppurtunity to say "oh Anthony, say cheese" and take the pic as he is fiddling with the camera!! LOL  Next time, do it! If only you would have gotten to see his sexy chest when the shirt ripped, huh?!! LOL

siennastarr said...

Maybe he drives a catillac because it represents a higher status position? Or maybe he just likes them! lol

Too bad about the picture!  That would have been great!