Saturday, June 3, 2006

Saturday again

hi friends, I worked today and it was pretty busy but that's a good thing because sales have'nt been where they should be at lately since the Cost Plus in Redwood City opened three weeks ago.I noticed today when I walked in the back of the store the phantom paper towel flusher must have returned last night after I left because both bathrooms had the Out of Order signs up again.I was pissed .Not to mention the fact I have my period right now so it is a huge inconvience to use the bathrooms at the Food Court end of the mall.I wish they would catch the loser who keeps flushing paper towels on purpose probably for a rush.Anthony was there today looking great as always, he is hot !!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow hope you all had a good Saturday, I'm working again tommorow so back at the mall I will be.Have a good Sunday everyone, Love You All Lisa

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siennastarr said...

Hi Lisa.. :)

Thank you so much for the link to your private journal..   :)

I put you on alert.. so I will be back!

I can imagine how frustrating that must be, not to mention messy, when someone flushes paper towels, of all things, down the toilet!  Geesh.. it's like.. Get a life, will ya? lol