Friday, June 2, 2006

My day

hi friends, wow this color is pretty, lol.I worked today and there was this older man who irritated me to no end.First of all as usual I had a huge line at my register so I was trying to take care of the line.This guy is standing there beside my register making me very uncomfortable too I might add, I mean seriously he is really creepy looking , as far as Anthony though he can stand by me as long as he wants , lol.So Anyhow this guy asks me to go over to the posters with him and help him find a poster and I'm like "Sir I've love to help , but I need to move this line along " So he stands there muttering to himself and I get really exasperated and call for somebody to come to the back of the store to get him away from me and to help him find his poster.Well nobody comes of course and I call again and nobody comes again.It was really busy in the front and Cheryl was doing furniture with Jeff and Virginia so none of them were available to take him off my hands.I was not happy but finally I saw him walk off towards the other end of the store and I was relieved.He also told me that if he bought the poster he wanted someone in our store to carry it home for him.I was like "What the fuck ? Are you kidding me ? Like we are allowed to carry items home for customers, he seemed dense , lol.I was really happy when he walked away from my register, he looked creepy and was making me nervous.Mr Handsome Celio will be there tommorow to make my heart swoon, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Hmm, watch this weirdo, ok? I have a feeling he might be back. He sounds a bit nuts to me. Have a happy Saturday!
love ya,lisa

chat2missie said...

That guy does sound like a weirdo!