Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

hi friends.Hope all of you are well.I just got home and I just heard on the news there is a rape suspect who the police are looking for who might be in the Bay Area.I was like "Oh great !!!!!!!!! Just what I need, something else to have to worry about.I was not in a very good mood today.My period is on it's way though so that explains why.I must say the store is pretty nice without Cheryl around.I wish she was going to be gone for another week ! I am pretty tired but I might squeeze an hour workout in later, Hope you all have a good Thursday, Love You All Lisa P.S. I have been feeling kind of emotional today and deep in thought.Sometimes I get like that before that time of the month.Maybe a workout will help.I wish I had a good metabolism , I used to but now it's changed and not for the better.I feel so insecure about my body and the way my stomach sticks out !


queeniemart said...

Hell my big gut almost hits the floor honey so dont feel bad! I hope they catch the perv who is near you. I am glad work is going ok. Just try and take it easy...i am sorry you are feeling down.
LOVE,lisa jo

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hugs...I get down on myself alot...I am my own worst enemy!!!...I hope that you get the time to relax or workout...which ever one boost your moods...Hugs,TerryAnn