Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Hi friends, another day at work , pretty busy start so I had to punch in early.OMG the phones were ringing off the hook, two people came to pick up furniture at once and then the delivery guy below was calling for someone to let him in below for the beer delivery-it was seriously stressful !!!!!!!!Thankfully after a couple of hours it calmed down in there.Boy did I miss Anthony today.I always miss him when he's not around,he is so special, when he is around you feel like you are in the presence of greatness-I'm not kidding !!!!!!! I'm always amazed by the number of customers who bring an item up to my register without a price and expect me to know how much it is off the top of my head.I want to say "Yeah I am not a genius or do I have a sixth sense, but thanks"I'm going to get Anthony's birthday present tommorow before I start work, I am sad I wo'nt be at work on July 10'th for his birthday, I will give him his present early which will be a Nordstrom gift card for $ 25 dollars.He loves that store and buys all his clothes there so every day he looks like a million bucks !!!!!!!!!!God he is so handsome with the most stunning eyes, but he told me he does'nt like having his picture taken ? What 's a lovesick girl like me who wants all of you in J-land to see Mr handsome Anthony to do ? Can any of you help me come up with some ideas ? Thanks so much !!!!!!!!! Lisa Jo is home from the hospital !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo I'm happy, I missed her so much and my journal did as well !!!!! I hope she is feeling a little bit better and I look forward to having her back !!!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa


lacaza3 said...

you should put the scan bar up to your head for fun...HA
donna In TEXAS

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Your just gonna have to sneak a picture of  him...maybe use a camera phone...or be ready call his name and you got me wanting to see this hottie...heheheheh...hugs,TerryAnn