Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

hi friends, it was another hot day today here in San Mateo.I decided to wear white today so the sun would reflect off me .I came into work at 10:30 and Leslie asked me if I could punch in early because earlier in the morning there was a lady in her 50's who shoplifted a cart of stuff in the store and then just walked out of the store like nothing happened.It was an interesting start to the morning to say the least.At the register I got the surprise of my life when Debbi came by to say "Hi" I had been feeling depressed lately thinking our friendship had slowly dissolved but I'm glad I was wrong about that.I was nice having Anthony at work too, I'm always better when he's around.I ca'nt wait to give him his birthday present, he'll love it and I'll love giving it to him !!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Lisa Jo so much!!!!!!!!!! I hope she is doing better and will be able to come home soon,Hope you all have a great Friday, Love You All Lisa

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chrisuab said...

Where do you work?  I used to be a cashier for the longest time.  :)