Friday, June 16, 2006

Calgon take me away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, I had a really stressful day today to say the least.A couple of days ago when I was taking a bath I noticed there was a mole under my breast that had blood underneath it.I admit the sight of it alarmed me so I made an appt for Monday to have a doctor look at it.Always something so until Monday I will fret and worry, worry and fret.Work started out ok, Anthony was there when I came in this morning and the sight of him always makes me feel good.The day got busier and as usual we were short-staffed.When I was at the register Anthony was standing not too far away and I attempted twice to call him over .So this rude jerk in my line screamed "Anthony !!!!!!!!!!!!" causing me to jump out of my skin. I was soooooooooooo embarrassed !!!!!!!! I tried to apologize to Anthony for that guy being so rude to him but he left before I had a chance.So it goes , I got off work around 5:30 and sat on the bench at the bus stop exhausted and who do I see standing at a bench not too far from me.The creepy guy who gave me hell not too long ago in the store.I could'nt believe it, just what I needed to finish my day off , I figured with my luck he'd probably take the same bus home I did and I did see him ambling over to me and my heart skipped a beat.He came over to the bench where I was sitting and put his shoe up on it to tie it.While he tied his shoe I heard him muttering to himself.I was hyperventilating , getting so nervous , and then the creep walked away and when the 295 bus rolled up he got on it.I was so relieved I almost peed my pants.Hope you all have a great Saturday and Lisa I hope you feeling better hon, Love You All Lisa


queeniemart said...

Please let me know about that mole....i had a big breast cancer scare in 2004...i know how you must feel.
I hope you are ok after that terrible episode with the weirdo.
Love you,lisa

chat2missie said...

Since my mom has had breast cancer now twice, I'm nervous over every new bump, freckle or red patch.  Let us know what the doc says on Monday.  Till then, have a great weekend.