Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Thoughts

hi everyone, I'm about to hit the sack but just wanted to give you all a little update.I will be back at work tommorow and Cheryl thankfully will be off this week !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God !!!!!!!! There was a movie Jorja Fox starred in called Food For The Heart, it came out in 2004.It looks like such a sweet movie, I ordered it today from a place called Movie Groove .I ca'nt wait to see it !!!!!!!!!! I watched some clips from the movie today and Jorja was pregnant in the movie and she looked so innocent and sweet in the clips I watched.I ca'nt describe why I love her so much as an actress or person.There is something about her, she totally stands out.There is a quality about her where sometimes she seems so vulnerable you just want to hug her, and when she cries on CSI, I find myself wiping away tears of my own.Hope you all have a great Tuesday, Love You All Lisa

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queeniemart said...

I have this thing for an actress named Poppy Montgomery who is on Without a Trace. I am totally infatuated with her so i understand how you like Jorja.