Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Please send hugs and prayers to Lisa Jo

hi friends, I ask you all to send hugs , prayers and warm wishes to Lisa Jo !!!!!!!!!! She is in the ER and I really hope she is ok.I'm so worried about her :(  I was thinking about her at work today hoping she is ok.Anyhow I worked today and I could'nt wait to get off, nothing was going right, the phone at my register decided it did'nt want to work, then I got a couple of rude -ass customers I totally wanted to slap !!!!!!!!! Then 30 minutes before I got off work my scanner decided it did'nt want to work, I wanted so bad to cry out of frustration.Then on top of all that I heard our district manager Cyndy will be coming by the store tommorow, she is such a bitch, ugh !!!!!!!! Needless to say it was'nt a good day for me today.Hopefully after Cyndy leaves tommorow things will be a little better.I'm so tired and Lisa Jo I hope you are ok hon, I'm worried about you, we all love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

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siennastarr said...

I was so behind on alerts, that thanks to you, and the email you sent about Lisa Jo, or I wouldn't have known she was in the hospital.  I knew she hadn't been feeling well, and I had been bugging her about going to the doctor.  I guess she finally had no choice!  
I have been praying for her speedy recovery..

Thanks for that email Lisa...